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What are the advantages of gel hand sanitizer?

Gel sanitizers have been available for decades and most people seem to understand well how to use them. In fact, I just witnessed a middle school student perform a perfect application; spreading the product on the fronts, backs, in between fingers, and pressing finger tips and cuticles into the palm.

Some people believe that gels are easier to slide around the hands, in between fingers and around to the backs of the hands. Others believe that gels are easier to use around fingernails because the gel flows into the cuticles.

Is hand clean hand sanitizer gel safe?

To be safe, a hand sanitizer should be alcohol-based, containing at least 60 percent ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol. Methanol, according to the FDA, “is not an acceptable active ingredient for hand sanitizer products and can be toxic .

How does an ECG electrode work?

ECG records the electrical activity generated by heart muscle depolarizations, which propagate in pulsating electrical waves towards the skin. Although the electricity amount is in fact very small, it can be picked up reliably with ECG electrodes attached to the skin (in microvolts, or uV).

Electrodes (small, plastic patches that stick to the skin) are placed at certain spots on the chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes are connected to an ECG machine by lead wires. The electrical activity of the heart is then measured, interpreted, and printed out. No electricity is sent into the body.

What are the two types of ECG electrodes ?

Two types of electrodes in common use are a flat paper-thin sticker and a self-adhesive circular pad. The former are typically used in a single ECG recording while the latter are for continuous recordings as they stick longer.

What blood tube colors are for which test?

The tests each bottle is used for are the same: the purple one is for cell count, the yellow one is for electrolytes, albumin and LDH, the grey one is for glucose, and blood culture bottles can be used for fluid cultures.

We can supply Gel Clot Activator, Slender ESR Tube, ESR Tube, Glucose Tube, PT Tube, Plasma Blood Collection Tube, EDTA K2/K3, Clot Activator Tube, Plain Tube (Serum Blood Collection Tube)

Are blood collection tubes sterile?

Yes, BD Vacutainer blood collection tubes have a sterile interior. Tubes are sterilized by gamma radiation. BORNOVA Vacutainer tubes are irradiated to achieve sterility. These tubes are sterile on the interior only.

What is vacutainer blood collection tube ?

A vacutainer blood collection tube is a sterile glass or plastic test tube with a colored rubber stopper creating a vacuum seal inside of the tube, facilitating the drawing of a predetermined volume of liquid. Vacutainer tubes may contain additives designed to stabilize and preserve the specimen prior to analytical testing. Tubes are available with a safety-engineered stopper, with a variety of labeling options and draw volumes. The color of the top indicates the additives in the vial


DespBornova provides a full line of medical equipments such as Masks, Gloves, Syringes, Sanitizers, Blood Collection Tubes, Rapid tests to the medical equipment industry that will help people to get healthy and then stay well. We believe that teamwork is essential to success and we strive to build a strong growing company that will meet increasing demands placed on our company , no wonder Bornova medical is the best exporter for medical equipments.ite a sharp decline in coronavirus cases and continued success with COVID-19 vaccines, it’s looking likely we will still be wearing masks for some time to come. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s coronavirus czar, said it’s possible masks could be needed until 2022.


BORNOVA in terms of quality control, equipped with perfect testing facilities, all of the testers are passed the national examination organization of training, and have high detection technology, related certificates, one-time in 2009 through the ISO quality system certification and CE product certification, and in 2010, in 2011 passed the European CE certification yearly check. Products in strict accordance with ISO9001 /ISO13485 corporation standard practice the “three inspection system”.

  • Complies with EN455, EN374, ASTM D6319 and ASTM F1671
  • FDA(510K)
  • Approved to use with chemotherapy drugs.
Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are a professional trader and exporter of medical equipments. We have offices in China, Turkey, France and USA .

How long is your delivery time?

5-10 days if the goods are in stock

15-20 days if the goods are not in stock

It is according to quantity.

Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

Yes, we can provide the sample for free .

Buyer must pay for various shipping or freight costs .

What services do you offer?

OEM are available, custom size, thickness, color and packages.